April 6, 2012

Hello Crafty Friends...been a long time

Hello everyone! It has been so long (almost 7 months) since I've posted on my blog. I just needed a break to deal with life and family issues. It has given me time to reflect on things important...life, family, health & love.

One of the last times I posted, it was to say my wonderful FIL had a brain tumor (around Labor Day). All looked good, quarter sized, stage 2 & completely removed. Radiation was completed after Christmas and he was doing great with physical therapy. Then 2 weeks ago, after having severe headaches and an MRI, discovered it had returned in a different and inoperable place in the brain. Like I said, it has made us realize family, love and cherishing every moment is so important.

I have been focusing on my health and I have lost 15 pounds....from 164 to 149. Can I say I feel remarkable!! How did I do it? Eating smaller meals, snacking consists of things like veggies, nuts. Oatmeal in the mornings with blueberries, walnuts and chia seeds. Cutting down on portion sizes and walking just 1 mile 3x per week.

Anyway, believe it or not, I will actually be posting some projects. I have so missed sharing what I make. I have been crafting and realized over the last 2 weeks when I had my son's, nieces and Mother-in-Laws birthday back to back and made their cards how much I NEED to craft and share it. It brought such a smile to everyone's faces on the despite getting the sad new in the middle of it all.

Happy Crafting

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