About Me

I started scrapbooking  in 2001 when I got pregnant with my dd and a friend got me all kinds of CM stuff for a baby shower gift.  I LOVE to scrapbook.  I used stickers for the longest time and page borders that I'd make with CM products.   I was so use to using what I was "use" to and could do pages quickly.  My friends were jealous because I was always current on my scrapbooks.  
Then, when I got my Create in January 2010 I was totally lost at how to switch gears scrapbooking. I am so far behind now LOL.  I have got to start doing lots of pages with my cricut to get caught up.  I got my expression in Dec 2010 and honestly wish I had just gotten the expression from day 1.  As of August 2011, I have an Imagine and am LOVING it!!

I would say that I am 100% sold on using cricut products.  I have not embossed with my cricut or used markers.  I feel pretty saavy and comfortable with my Gypsy.  I can do window cards, weld, weld things on a window card, etc.  I consider myself pretty creative and resourceful.  If there is a shape or something I need and it is not on the carts I own I get coloring books download clip art or whatever I can out and use tracing paper to size or alter it to what I need and then trace on cardstock and cut out and color with my watercolor pencils.I actually am very fortunate to have a wide variety of crafting items and always love to keep up with the latest crafting items.  I would say my TRUE passion is doing cards and 12 x 12 layouts.  And, since I have to get caught up on 3 scrapbooks....you will see more scrapbook layouts from me.

Things I will do but not my passion

I do not use Copics or stamp images and cut them out and color them.  It is boring to me and, to spend the money on expensive markers that I won't use that much is taking money I could spend on paper, Cricut Carts etc.  Will I do it if asked....yes!
But...I prefer to use water color pencils and digis rather than markers and stamped images..
I have printed off a few digis and used water color pencils for projects. (See one of my Father's Day Cards)  

What else have I done crafty-wise?

I use Modge Podge when needed.  I can use a hot glue gun...I use to make all my daughter's hairbows.  I've painted wood shelves and stenciled on it for my DD's room.  I needlepoint.crosstitch a little.  I do have a sewing machine and have yet to use it on paper projects.

What do I want to do or work on crafting
* Smashbooks (yes, I know it is kinda altering something...but to me it is more journaling and just making a book with a theme of cool stuff you like)

* 12x12 double page layouts to get caught up on my scrapbooking.

* I have not ventured out into the doing tutorials/videos.  Do I think I can do it or do I want to?  Yes and Yes.  I just don't know where to begin LOL

* Would I have a facebook page if a Design Team required it?  Yes,  I might need a little coaching on how to do it and with the feeds etc.


I'm a Christian, my family ALWAYS comes first in any life decisions I consider.  I'm very family oriented and in my spare time I'm a PTA Mom and Homeroom Mom.  I love to be involved in my children's activities and school.  I like to cook and enjoy having either my Parents' or my In-laws over for dinner.

I graduated from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes) in 1988 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Accounting.  I actually was going to major in Marketing but when I got to my Junior year, discovered I made a mistake.  I'm a people person and it just wasn't me.  So, I switched my major.

While single I had a job for 3 yrs selling advertising for a nationally distributed fishing magazine. (yes a primarily male industry and I learned sooooo much about all that testosterone LOL)  I traveled some with that and didn't date much.  Then, had a job in the advertising/promotional products industry where I was an Assistant Sales Mgr.  Again, I traveled a lot doing trade shows. Some of my favorite places to visit were Chicago, Annaheim, CA,  Minneapolis and Seattle.

I was fixed up on a blind date with my hubbie in 2006.  We discovered we knew a lot of the same people at OSU.  In fact...one guy who I studied with and did a lot of my Marketing projects with was one of my husband's roommates (there were 3 roommates and I never knew my hubbie was one of them)

In Feb 2007 he proposed and we got married 3 months later in June.  Only reason for that was I didn't want a big wedding and to plan a wedding for a year and just wanted to elope.  Our Parent's persuaded us not to and offered to help us with all the plans if we would just do a simple family wedding at my In-laws beautiful and roomy house.  So, that is what we did.

2001 came our DD and then in 2008 at the age of 41, had my little man.

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