November 5, 2010

Geez! I haven't been updating my blog for over a month. That is so bad of me!!!!
Had lots going on...kiddos and us sick. Ethan had croup last weekend so he never got to experience his first Halloween trick or treating. That is some wicked stuff--my dd never got croup so we had no idea what was developed really quick and it is just a freaky cough! After that, it has developed into an upper respiratory infection. So no school for him this week.

Been busy trying to get caught up on 3 scrapbooks and start on a new one for my niece for Christmas. I'm going to try to get new stuff up soon.

BUT...I did get my gypsy updated! (That was the most important thing, right?) I wanted TBBM so bad, now I just need to find a good deal on an expression to work better with it. I LOVE Smiley Cards too. And, I was really wanting a Christmas cart that had a window and door so I could experiment with using the clear plastic from cartridge clamshell to put on the back of a window.

Last thing is to Beth....I hope you are enjoying my birthday blog candy I sent you in September

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