April 8, 2012

Have a Blessed Easter

Happy Easter Crafty Friends! I hope all of you have a wonderful and relaxing and loving day with family. The last 9 months have been trying for our family: September was my FIL getting diagnosed with brain cancer, my Mom having a stent put in, I turned 45, my DD turned 10. I had a fender bender in the mall parking lot. November my son was sick the first 2 wks with respiratory stuff, then after that we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving because I had pink eye in both eyes, a double ear infection and sinus infection--gave it to my DH and so to protect the kids from getting it, sent them to stay with family. And, I guess I was washing so much laundry our washing machine died--$500. Then we had a sensor go out on a car to the tune of $800. By the time we got to Christmas, I was so emotionally and spiritually just drained and just felt attacked and beaten up.

But through tough times, I learned that family, love and my faith is THE most important thing. I'm such a planner and organizer...I had thanksgiving all planned out--it would be both sides of the family plus relatives from Colorado. And, of course was so disappointed to stay at home curled up in a blanket with sweats on. My Mom told me to just let go, let God take control and trust HE will take control. When you get to a point that you say "I can't change the situation, it is what it is" that is when God has to change it for you.....give you favor.

I've have learned the true meaning of taking things one day at a time. And, you know what? I feel less stress and anxiety, am less disappointed because I don't over plan now. I am more joyful because I realized I could either sit around and feel bad for all that has happened OR to turn toward God and my faith. I think this has been the reason it has seemed so easy for my to change my eating habits and get healthy and loose weight. I let GOD take control of my troubles & anxiety. I put myself in my FIL's shoes and realize with cancer, all he can do IS to take things one day at a time! To wake up each day and thank GOD he is alive one more day to spend with us. That was a wake up call for me.

I'm a more more relaxed person now and enjoying life soooo much with my hubbie and kids/family. So thankful for them. Makes me realize the true meaning of Easter--it is HOPE, it's about LOVE, about new BEGINNINGS and letting go of what you cannot control to SOMEONE who can control it!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. He is risen!! You have had quite a year - hang in there:-)


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