February 26, 2011

St. Patricks Day Card #2

Happy Weekend everyone!

Below is a 5x7 card. The leprechaun is done at 2.5 from Simply Charmed. The paper I got from the local scrapbook store. It was really different. One side was the green plaid and the other said "lucky" I took some green paper and use the MS loop punch. Pot of gold was cut 3x, twice in black and once in gold. I just layered the gold in between the two black pieces when adhering together. Then, went over the gold textured paper in a gold sakura pen to outline the coin shapes.

Inside the card says "Happy St. Patricks Day!"

February 25, 2011

St. Patricks day Card #1

Here is a card I did for St.Pats day. Sorry, don't know exact sizes since no gypsy.

This is a 5x7 card. My dd got the idea of putting rainbow ribbon at the top, so I went with that :)

The tree is from sweethearts (I think at 3")and I just improvised and cut out shamrocks in various sizes from PDDU(like .75, .85, 1) I put glossy accents on the shamrocks. The shamrock on the trunk has green stickles outlining it.

The pot of gold is from PDDU and I used a gold textured cardstock I got from H/L. I think these were cut at 1. I went over the top of the gold where the coins were with a gold pen.

The hat on the dog was from Simply Charmed (from the leprechaun) I think it was 2". I put a little glossy accents on the buckle of the hat.

The dog is from paper pups and was cut at 1.75. The grass was just a strip of green that I cut slits on the top of.

Inside I stamped "Feelin' Lucky?"

February 24, 2011

Well,my G. is getting a makeover

I just called PC customer service yesterday about my frozen Gypsy. Got the emailed Fedex return label today and it is already on a fedex truck. "Hopefully" it really only takes the 2 weeks they say it will. :) I will miss it. So hard to go back to the old fashioned way of cutting out stuff. Never realized how lazy I was LOL

Hindsight is 20/20 and maybe I had a tuition thing going on because I have been using the G. a lot the last 2 weeks to cut out Easter and St Pats and Springy stuff. Glad I did because I have a small stockpile of cuts. Also glad I had a chance to back up on the computer all my gypsy files cause I put a lot of work in those.

I plan on posting a couple of St. Pats cards for tomorrow/weekend.

February 23, 2011

Gypsy Updates--don't do it!

Ii just wanted to warn all of you please do not try to do your gypsy updates. There are problems with it. Bottom line is it messed up my Gypsy (it was my Mothers Day present last yr) and it was frozen at "loading" and wouldn't hard or soft reset. So, it has to go back Darren in customer service says that I will be without it 3 weeks....we'll see how long it takes... :(

This is how it all happened. I got car decals on Jan 15th ish. I tried for weeks to get it to load on my Gypsy. I tried everything and it wouldn't load. I called customer service on the 2/11 and they thought a bad cart. So I got cart #2 fedex yesterday. It wouldn't load. Earlier Tuesday (yesterday) morning I did a cricut update. It said I was at 2:06/2:14. So after cart #2 wouldn't load I did the troubleshooting and tried to update. Nothing...then decided to reformat my gypsy (go to troubleshooting and answer the questions YES, No, No, No and Yes (to erase everthing on your G). Well my G. got stuck/frozen after 2 hrs so I shut everything down. This morning I turned on my G. to start reformatting again and my gypsy was frozen on the "loading" screen.

Had I KNOWN there were problems with cricut sync, I never would've tried to update and do all this. It/PC messed up my G. Even Darren in customer service said don't blame myself but the cricut update attempts when it wasn't working right did probably freeze up my G.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought we'd be going out to dinner tonight. It seems my husband over the weekend was having molar pain and sure enough, today found out has to have a root canal. Couldn't have it today since to swollen. So, we'll be taking a rain check on that and eating something nice, romantic and mushy tonight :O LOL He did come home with some roses so that always works....right?

Since I'm homeroom Mom, I'll be going up to my DD school in a bit with my wild man for her Valentine's Party.

Here is a card I did to give to my In-laws yesterday. It is a 5x7 card, I used pink BoBunny paper, and Martha 4x6 paperpad (one paper says "love" and the other has hearts.)

The shoes are from the Sweethearts cart and I think I cut them at 2.75 with expression and gypsy. I did 3 layers on the heart on the shoe, glued together and then ran through the Xyron , did MS red glitter and glossy accents. {I LOVE glossy accents!!} Then gently glued on the high heel when dry. I outlined the man's shoe with a fine point CM brown pen and then did brown ink around the edges. The pink show was edged with pink ink, as were all edges of the papers. The inside message of the card was done at 3.

Hope you all enjoy the day!!
Oh, almost forgot....if you looked below you saw the golfer I did with car accents. We were going to make it into a Bday card for my FIL. Well, my DD took it upon herself to do the below card all by herself. I was quite proud of her!! :) :) She used country life for the sun/grass. I showed her how to take the read dial size off on the gypsy (the chain link) and size the grass exactly to 6 wide and 4 high. Then we just cut an extra layer again for the darker green behind the sun. The golfer was car decals (see rest of details below) at 2.75 and the golf cart was at 2". Clouds were EDPD and then chalked.

February 12, 2011

Ok, it's Saturday and we are actually warming up in OK. The snow is sloooowwly melting. After 9 days of being out of school, my dd will be going back on V-day and my little man will go to his 2 days a week on Tues/Wed--YEAH!!!!! (Oh, sorry did I yell that? LOL)

So no card today but thought I'd play a little more with car decals. 4kids4 this is for you since you commented on my car decals V-day card how you thought you might want to buy it. :)

I finally decided I'd try to load on my gypsy and guess what...it won't load! I tried everything, troubleshooted my gypsy, reloaded stuff back on my gypsy, switched the cart, ran my stylus across the bars when trying to load, held the cart in, pulled the cart out a smidge, held the cart and cord up when trying to load. Tried for 2 days and probably 40x. So, I gotta call PC on Monday because I guess a bad cart. I know it's not the gypsy or linking cord because I successfully loaded Serenade, Sentimentals and Heritage today.

So, I had to re-learn how to cut the old fashioned way. Not having a hide/contour just stinks!

All these were cut at 2 3/4. Some I cut 3x to be able to cut out the details I wanted to glue together (again, no gypsy or hide/contour)

My FIL's Bday is tomorrow and DD doesn't like the eyes on the golfer. So, I cut the shift(blackout) on the golfer with a manilla folder for the flesh color. Then, the normal cut in white and black. Then the shift/blackout again in grey (only for hair). I cut just the hair out and glued on top of flesh color. From the neck down the white is the arms and clothes. I cut the head off the white layer so the "flesh" would be the face and did a peachy keen stamp. I took a scrap of blue and glued behind the white for the collar on the shirt. I then took the "normal" black cut and cut off for some pants and glued to the white. Does all that make sense? LOL

Now we have to figure out what to do for the card. Thinking of taking some blue for sky, cutting out clouds and doing the green hilly grass and sun from Country Life.

The eagle was tricky. This was at 2 1/4 and I cut the blackout/shift in grey. Then the normal in cream, gold and brown. Again had to just layer the parts I wanted to. Cream glued to grey, yellow beak and eyeball. Glued the cream surrounding eye part down. Then, glued brown layer.

The flag was at 2 1/4. Blackout/shift was white. I cut the stripe/flag part out in red and blue. The start is cut out so it makes for great extra stars. Glued the red stripes onto the solid white and then took just the blue star and glued down.

February 11, 2011

Valentines Card #3

Oh my...3 days of posts LOL Gotta love the scheduling feature on blogs :)

So this was a store pre-made 5x7 card. The white LOVE paper was something I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 10cents each last summer. The red cardstock is BoBunny from 2011, valentines. The red cardstock for the hearts is Bazzil. The hearts are from sweetheart, cut at??
After I cut I ran through the cuttlebug and used a sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 4PK - Love Set. Then, I gently separated the intricate cuts and intertwined the hearts and glued with scotch. Red mat (size??) got glued down and then I wrapped/taped the red sheer ribbon around the love paper and adhered the paper down. Tied the bow. The hearts got glued down last. Inside of card is blank because I may use this card for my anniversary card.

February 10, 2011

Valentines day card #2

Wow! Day 2 of posts! LOL
We got another 4 inches on Wednesday and STILL are snowed in (I haven't driven a car since Monday Jan 31st...can ya say I'm stir crazy!) because hubbie has to drive my SUV with 4 wheel drive to work.

So, here is another card. DD had this idea to give to her teacher because her teacher has a cat and dog. So....

I got car decals 2 weeks ago. I love Paper Pups with the simple layering and that is the main reason I got car decals. Very similar. I never wanted to use it for "car decals."
This is just me but the only thing I don't like about car decals is one eyeball is always smaller than the other. I know it's suppose to be that way. I just use the gypsy to hide/contour and will either draw on my own or use black flat accents for the eyes. I might try to use PK stamps too maybe...hmmmm....

So this was a store pre-made tan 4x6 card. I used car decals and cut the dog and cat at 2.5." The heart is from sweethearts and I think 1". The paper is Martha Stewart key and heart mat pad, and the heart punch is Martha. The twin is red/white from someone on ebay.

I don't remember the sizes I cut the mats. I ran the heart shape through the Xyron X and then used MS red glitter. Then, used glossy accents for the first time. I can tell I will be a BIG fan of glossy accents! I put the dog and cat together, glued down their eyes, drew on a black nose. I wanted the dog and cat facing a certain way so they could look like they were holding the heart so I turned and flipped one of them before cutting.

Glued down the red heart mat, then took twine and wrapped and taped to the tan printed mat and tied a bow. Then glued down on the red mat. Glued down the punched heart border and finally the dog and cat. After glossy accents dry (I put on thin so like 15 min) I glued it on top of their paws.

Inside the card was an EK success punch for the tag. Used a stamp from M's and some black stampin'up ink. Then glued down another MS heart border

February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Card

Been a while I know. With an almost 3 yr old boy, I had such high hopes of being able to have time to do cards and update my blog regularly. He is into everything all the time...do any of you know the feeling? LOL

Being snowed in the last week, I've had time to work on my gypsy and actually cut some stuff out. Big sister has been home to entertain little man! We haven't had school in 7 days.


Here is a 5x7 card I made
I used the Martha Stewart breanch punch and 2 shades of pink, red and white cardstock to punch out a bunch of branches. Then, I used my computer and Microsoft Word to just type in random Valentine's Day words (using different fonts, etc. )and then copied and pasted/repeated those words on the entire page. Then, printed it off. I took my CM heart cutting system and cut the printed paper out.

I cut 2 different sizes of mats in pink and red (don't remember sizes) and glued down. Then, used my ATG to adhere down the printed paper heart. Then, took my scotch glue and started gluing down the leaf punches.

I had seen this poem once before and really liked it. So I found it, copied and pasted in Word and printed off on white cardstock. Cut that out and glued on some pink cardstock.
Nice and simple. I'm thinking of giving this to hubbie for Valentine's day.

My new carts

I had some Christmas money so have been getting some carts on ebay.
I recently got: Serendade, Sentimentals, Heritage, Boys will be boys, Freshly Picked, Car Decals and Nates ABC.

I wanted Sentimentals for the cool bee and hive. I wanted serenade because it had a table, Freshly picked because of the gnomes and gazebo, Car decals because it was just different and nates because it is cute and boy related. I have used all the carts except Nate and Boys. I have stuff laid out on the gypsy to cut for those. I Love love LOVE the Sentimental bees!

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