September 11, 2011

An update, Will be crafting again

Hello Crafty Friends!

Since today is a reflection on what we were doing 10 yrs ago, I thought I would say that 10 yrs ago on Sept. 11, 2001, it was hot in Oklahoma, I was a week away from turning 35 and 2 weeks away from giving birth to my daughter. I was at work where I just happened to handle inside sales for New York and New Jersey. A year before, I had actually been to NYC and been in the twin towers.

Thank you to all of you for understanding my time away from crafting and blogging. And, thank you to those who posted some encouraging thoughts and words. I truly appreciate it!!

Things for now are calmed down. My FIL is still in the hospital but going through rehab. He spends 15 more days there, but will not leave till he can walk out on his own. He had a quarter size tumor on the right side/forehead area removed. It was stage 2 and was a type of tumor that is normally found in youth/twenty yr olds.....not 73 yr old men. So that was actually a good thing. If you remember high school biology, brain works opposite sides of the body. So tumor is on the right, removal effects left side of body. Due to temporary brain swelling etc, (effects the nerves) has to regain function on the left side of the body. He has to learn how to chew food, without biting his tongue, take small bites of food and learn to swallow the right way . For now cannot have meat. His speech is marvelous. He has to retrain his brain/body connection on how to use muscles in left arms and legs. Everyone (Dr.'s and physical/speech therapists) are just amazed at the progress.

And, we got marvelous news today that an MRI of his spine (to see if the cells had migrated to the this type of tumor can) is totally CLEAN!! YEAH!! So, he will only have to have radiation and not chemo.

As for my Mom, she had another stent put into her artery. That one was 95% blocked so she was just a walking "potential" heart attack. She is doing great too. She just hates being on the blood thinner meds and stuff.

I have just been so stressed out, worried etc. Now that things are calmed down some, I will be crafting again. Gotta go check out what challenges I can create projects for. : )

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  1. So glad to hear that FIL and mom are doing better.
    And I am glad your back. :)


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