May 7, 2011

So Excited--Another Blog Award and Happy NSD!

WoW! I found out that the wonderful Tina at Two Chicks and a Cricut bestowed this award upon me.

Please go check out her terrific blog Two Chicks and a Cricut and become a follower if ya aren't already. And, thank you are a wonderful and creative blogger friend!

Also, I guess Tina wants to feature me on her blog on May 18th. She left the post for me on April 28th and I just now figured it out
Don't get me wrong my wonderful blog follower friends and fellow crafters. I really do read my comments and I love them all. Keep em coming :)

Here is what she said...
Two Chics & a Cricut said...

I love love love your blog and I'm going to feature you on our Website Wednesday.
You will be featured on May 18th! and I have even added your button to our page. Great blog!


Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends. Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs. You also have to tell 5 cricut related things about yourself.

Here are my little secrets...

1. I never watched any of those videos included in the cricut box. I just opened the box and "winged it!" My DH gets frustrated with me because I hate reading directions. LOL

2. My DH still really doesn't know how many carts I have and how much I've spent. But yet he still knows he must get me one for those special's Day LOL

3. I use my Gypsy everyday. Doesn't mean I cut things everyday. I just get an idea and grab it and start using the Gypsy.

4. I'm guilty of keeping a notepad and pen handy in my car to jot down ideas to do on my gypsy. Of course, I don't do this while I'm driving. LOL

5. I have goobered up 2 mats by miscalculating how to size my papers on the mat when using the gypsy and ended up having the cricut cut into my mat where my paper "should've been" LOL

Here are the well deserving and creative blogger friends I
Awarded this to:

1. Terri at My Need 2 Craft
2. Sharon at In the Big Blue House
Julietta at 4 Goofballs
4. Cathryn at In the Pink, (and a new DT member at Emma's/Creative Time for Me)
5. JoJo at Peace Love Stamp
6. Ashley at Welch Creations
7. Emily at Cool Cricut Creations
8. Kim at My Crafting Creations
9. Chris at Chatterscene
10. Sandy at Paper Transformer

*****Someone had asked me about how to put these award badges on their blogs, so I thought I would post a little blogger detailsl. #1)Right click the award and "save to your computer." Then when you post about it to your blog post, click on "Add image" and find the image on your computer, then download" To post as a permanent badge on your blog you need to download it to your photobucket account. Then, copy the html tag that says I use blogger to create my blog so on my dashboard, I clicked on Create a text box/configure text. Then in the text box paste the code from photobucket and hit the upper right words that say Rich Text or Edit Html.

If not working for you please feel free to email me and I'll walk ya through it. I want you all to have your well deserved awards on your blogs if you'd like :) ******


  1. Donya, Thank you so much for award... This is my very first award. I am so excited. Again....Thank you


  2. Thank you for this wondeful award! Very exciting! My weekend is very busy, but will pass this along by tomorrow evening or Monday! Thanks again Donya!


  3. Thank you so much Donya. I am so excited that you thought of me for this award. I will pass this on during this week. Super busy. Putting a surprise 50th birthday party together for my bestie and have a few projects to finish up and loads of details for the party during the week with the everyone that is helping out her husband put this together and she has no clue. Her bday is actually the following weekend where a group of us are surprising her the day before her bday on a wine tasting tour. Hugs! Terri

  4. Yayyy! Another award! Thank you so much Donya!
    Im really exited about this one!


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