May 15, 2011

Here are a few animals for you--Happy Sunday

Sorry I haven't been around. Ya know blogger was down and then it always seems the last 2 wks of school there are always so many events going on.
We have had a beautiful and unusual temps for OK this weekend. It wasn't even 70. So, we decided to go to the zoo and thought I'd share a few pics. I figured we'd take advantage of the cool temps to go because it will not be fun in a month when it's 100 degrees. LOL

Stacy at Love That Bug--this cute little guy is for you :)

The family

Mr. Peacock decided to show his colors

I didn't realize when I took the pic that my lovely daughter was picking the statue's nose LOL

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

Here's a smile to make your day!

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  1. AWESOME!!! My husband took me to the Phoenix zoo for mother's day,but it was a little warmer.


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