March 23, 2011

Made By Momo Blog and my Random Daily Thoughts

WOW! Thank you everyone for joining my blog. I really do want to get myself more organized to do even more projects on here! I have to get viewing all your blogs on Momo's site and joining all your blogs too!
In case you didn't know, the "Made by Momo Blog"that I follow is graciously promoting on her site that blogs with less than 200 followers can link to her blog. She's doing an awesome giveaway too! THANKS to Momo! Check out her blog by clicking on her blinkie down below and to the left.

I have been busy today shopping and organizing things for my little man's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I just got done wrapping presents, ordered the Toy Story Cake and balloons for this Saturday's family party. Figured I'd do it all know since he's in his little pre-preschool program today. Hard to wrap presents for a 3 yr old boy and hide what your doing. LOL

So, imagine my surprise when I peeled only one strip of tape off a roll, found another roll of tape and peeled only one strip off that!! Hmmmm....I think my 9 yr old dd (aka the tape queen) got ahold of both my rolls of tape I use for scrapbooking. I had to finish wrapping presents using my ATG gun LOL.....Guess it's time to buy lots of tape....and a couple of rolls JUST for her! :)

Then, I have to make his birthday card, help my daughter make one for him and then do my MIL's birthday card from the kiddos. Hopefully I can post those on Thurs and Friday.

I want to try a Window card for my MIL. I bought some of this 12x12 canvas at H/L and am going to let my little guy fingerpaint or color with oil pastels on the canvas and then try to do a window frame card and cut the canvas like it was a painting and then cut the clear plastic cart clamshell packaging like a piece of glass and assemble a window frame card.

I feel like I need 2 extra hands today. LOL


  1. I am a new follower thanks to momo!

  2. MOMO sent me. It is great that you can create with your daughter. Both of mine are away at college and my son likes to help me if it is for his school projects. I am a new follower
    katieoscreations.blogspot .com

  3. Momo sent me and I am now a follower. It sound like you are one busy lady.

  4. Sounds like you are having a busy week. :)

    I am a new follower. I was sent over by Momo. is my blog if you want to stop by and follow me or check it out. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your little man:)
    My youngest just turned three too:)

    I found your blog through momo and I am a new follower

  6. I'm a new follower sent by Momo:-)

  7. Hi,

    I'm a new follower. Momo sent me. Very cute blog. Hope you'll come join me on my creative journey, over at my blog too.

    ~Lisa D

  8. Love your cards. Momo sent me. Visit my blog for a chance to win some blog candy.


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