March 11, 2011

UPDATE: Well, of course J's didn't have Kates :( they special ordered it for me though ($39.99 and free shipping to the store) and I might have it next week. Tell me why they say there are 180 of those carts in their warehouse but they don't sell them online?

Well, wish me some luck everybody, if all goes as I dream I will be at the grand opening of our Joann's superstore at 9 am and get my hands on Kate's ABC's.

Also, I went to the local scrapbook store and picked up some of the new stickle colors. Oh my that "glam pink" is soooooo cool!

I've been working on how to organize all my cricut cuts. I decided just to get a photobox and make dividers up by category and then put the cuts in a baggie and file alphabetically. Maybe I can actually find what I'm looking for easier LOL


  1. Good luck getting Kate's ABC' looks so sweet! :-)

    ~Sharon C.

  2. That is an awesome idea for organizing your cut outs!!! I'm going to "lift" that idea ;) I've been trying to think of a way to organize them so they'll stay flat and that will work nicely and they shouldn't get all tangled up together.

    Let me know if you get the Kate ABC's cart. It sure is cute!

  3. thanks for the tip of organizing.yeah that is really good becaue im always making cards at the last min.

  4. Hi Donya!

    I wish you get your Kate as soon as possible. I was lucky to buy it at Joann online. It was only one day when I succeeded adding it to my shopping cart. I don't understand why they don't have it in stock. This cart is so much fun. I have made nine cards so far and can't stop.


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