March 15, 2011

Easter Card 2

Good Morning!

Here is another Easter Card I did. This will probably go to my 11 yr old niece. I got the idea from a website that sells stamps (can't remember the name) and the stamps had a similar saying except it said "My butt hurts!" I didn't want that on a kids card so I just used my computer to print off the saying I wanted. :)

Carts: Gypsy Wandering,(Bunny, grass, postage stamp cut for card) Indie Art (the word bubble), Printing Press for the solid square polka dot paper

Sizes: Bunnies at 2, postage stamp welded card base at 5.5x11 and single postage stamp cut at 5, polka dot paper square at 4.45, word bubbles at .82 and .94

Tools and Supplies: Computer & Printer, Expression, Gypsy, zig pens, black embellishments for eyes, felt flowers and lilac pearl embellishments from the $1 bin at Michaels, Paper from H/L, MS scallop punch for the bite marks

Details: I used Gypsy Wandering tag feature for the postage stamp cut (the one with the butterfly inside) and used hide/contour for the butterfly. I copied it, grouped and weleded together for pink part of card. The next layer (stripe paper) was done at 5 with the above cart/cut. The polka dot paper was done with Printing Press and I just hid one of the inner squares, this was cut at 4.45.

The "word bubbles" from Indie Art I used hide/contour for the word inside. Printed off the sayings on white cardstock on the coputer. Then cut out and glued on the pink bubbles.

Next I cut grass, and the bunnies, using 2 shades of brown. The darker brown was using the shadow feature to fill in the swirly decoration on the bunnies. I used the MS punch to punch some off the tail and off the ear for bite marks. Then, glued the black embellishment for the eyes.

Everything was assembled and I finished off with the lilac pearls and flowers

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  1. That is super cute! I love how you decorated it with the grass, etc. That is one of my favorite cartoons for this time of year LOL


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