March 8, 2011

Nates ABC cuts

Hello everyone! The pollen count in Oklahoma is off the charts. The entire family is feeling punky with colds and allergies and my little man got an ear infection. He started refusing to take the medicine (it was fruity and didn't taste THAT bad LOL) and we had a crazy time trying to figure out what to disguise the meds in. No matter what, he spit it out.

Then, we got strawberry flavored carbonated water and it worked like a charm :)

So, I did some Nates ABC cuts for 3 different people on the cricut messageboard for the March RAK. Here is just a sample of some cuts I did. I always cut extras for me to keep. For those who don't have the cart or haven't seen a lot of the cuts up close, thought I would share. Most of these were done at 3 inches.

The most detailed to put together was probably the goat and zebra. This is because the body is 2 layers and then glue on the spots. Then the sign for the goat (don't ever cut smaller than 3") you need to poke out all the lettering. Notice that I didn't do the lettering on this sign. It was 3 inches and just a pain to poke out! LOL
The zebra had 2 cuts to the body and you have to glue on some of the stripes and mane.

The car was at 3" and no matter what I did, multi cut at blade depth of 1 and 2, the letters just wouldn't cut out clearly. I had a new blade so I knew that wasn't it. So, on the car letters for the license plate need to cut at least at 3.5. I gave up and just decided to stencil or computer print my lettering. LOL

FYI: on cuts that have grass, don't suggest cutting below 3" because the grass gets really thin at the top and it's hard to glue down.

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  1. These are wonderful! What a great cart! TFS!

    ~Sharon C.


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