March 21, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Wanted to share the birthday card my daughter and I did for my niece who is turning 12. We just mailed it off today. This is the card from her. :)

My daughter had the idea in her head and told me what she wanted so I helped her on my gypsy follow through with what was in her head. She picked out the papers and said these colors would be a "girls dream colors for an I-pod." LOL

Carts Used: Paisley (MP3 player), gypsy wandering, card layers, Nates ABC's for font
Sizes: Card Base 5.5x5.5, Card Layers--MPS 4", Font inside card 1.05 and shadow 1.15
Details: All paper is Creative Memories. Found a square card base (The black paper, I think we used LAB) and used hide/contour for the design on that and sized to 5.5x5.5.
The Plum cardstock was a square we cut at 5.25x5.25. The purple swirly paper was cut at 5x5 using a design in GW. I used a blade depth of 2, pressure high and speed high to cut since a thinner paper.

For the MPS player, we couldn't hide/contour on the gypsy all the parts we wanted to to recut it. So, we just cut everything in several different colors--grey, pink, black and purple and decided after that how she wanted her "Dream Ipod" to look. The music notes were also from Paisley and we cut at 2, 2.5 and then used MS Hematite glitter. We ran the notes through the Xyron "X" and then applied glitter and then the glossy accents. Also, used a white sakura pen and a ruler to add faux stitching.

The white scalloped trim was this cool pearlized thick cardstock I had. I used Lacy Labels to cut a scalloped 5x5 shape and then didn't want to use it. My daughter suggested to trim off the edges and glue to the back side of the plum paper. Pretty creative girl huh? LOL

Inside the card, the plum cardstock square was 5.25x5.25 and the purple swirly square was cut at 5x5. We welded the Nates letters together for both the lavender and the shadow in the purple. Again, used a white sakura pen and ruler to add faux white stitching. W.e used some lavender jewels and silver sticker stars from the $1 bin at M's

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