February 23, 2011

Gypsy Updates--don't do it!

Ii just wanted to warn all of you please do not try to do your gypsy updates. There are problems with it. Bottom line is it messed up my Gypsy (it was my Mothers Day present last yr) and it was frozen at "loading" and wouldn't hard or soft reset. So, it has to go back Darren in customer service says that I will be without it 3 weeks....we'll see how long it takes... :(

This is how it all happened. I got car decals on Jan 15th ish. I tried for weeks to get it to load on my Gypsy. I tried everything and it wouldn't load. I called customer service on the 2/11 and they thought a bad cart. So I got cart #2 fedex yesterday. It wouldn't load. Earlier Tuesday (yesterday) morning I did a cricut update. It said I was at 2:06/2:14. So after cart #2 wouldn't load I did the troubleshooting and tried to update. Nothing...then decided to reformat my gypsy (go to troubleshooting and answer the questions YES, No, No, No and Yes (to erase everthing on your G). Well my G. got stuck/frozen after 2 hrs so I shut everything down. This morning I turned on my G. to start reformatting again and my gypsy was frozen on the "loading" screen.

Had I KNOWN there were problems with cricut sync, I never would've tried to update and do all this. It/PC messed up my G. Even Darren in customer service said don't blame myself but the cricut update attempts when it wasn't working right did probably freeze up my G.


  1. Ugh, how frustrating! I'm sorry you're going to be without your G for so long, too. Hope it comes back sooner than estimated! :)

  2. Wow,
    That is aggravating to say the least. Good thing I didn't update it yet. I usually wait a few days after it is released to see if any problems occur.
    Hopefully you will get it back soon

  3. Thankfully you both waited for your updates. They told me 14 days from time I send out (going ground to them like 4-5 days to get there), 4-5 days back and 4-5 to stay in Utah. I did get the return label emailed quickly. That's good. I was skeptical because I was told their computers were down and they couldn't give me a reference or job ticket # or whatever.


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