February 25, 2011

St. Patricks day Card #1

Here is a card I did for St.Pats day. Sorry, don't know exact sizes since no gypsy.

This is a 5x7 card. My dd got the idea of putting rainbow ribbon at the top, so I went with that :)

The tree is from sweethearts (I think at 3")and I just improvised and cut out shamrocks in various sizes from PDDU(like .75, .85, 1) I put glossy accents on the shamrocks. The shamrock on the trunk has green stickles outlining it.

The pot of gold is from PDDU and I used a gold textured cardstock I got from H/L. I think these were cut at 1. I went over the top of the gold where the coins were with a gold pen.

The hat on the dog was from Simply Charmed (from the leprechaun) I think it was 2". I put a little glossy accents on the buckle of the hat.

The dog is from paper pups and was cut at 1.75. The grass was just a strip of green that I cut slits on the top of.

Inside I stamped "Feelin' Lucky?"

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  1. Donya,
    That card is super cute! I love the hat on the dog


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