February 12, 2011

Ok, it's Saturday and we are actually warming up in OK. The snow is sloooowwly melting. After 9 days of being out of school, my dd will be going back on V-day and my little man will go to his 2 days a week on Tues/Wed--YEAH!!!!! (Oh, sorry did I yell that? LOL)

So no card today but thought I'd play a little more with car decals. 4kids4 this is for you since you commented on my car decals V-day card how you thought you might want to buy it. :)

I finally decided I'd try to load on my gypsy and guess what...it won't load! I tried everything, troubleshooted my gypsy, reloaded stuff back on my gypsy, switched the cart, ran my stylus across the bars when trying to load, held the cart in, pulled the cart out a smidge, held the cart and cord up when trying to load. Tried for 2 days and probably 40x. So, I gotta call PC on Monday because I guess a bad cart. I know it's not the gypsy or linking cord because I successfully loaded Serenade, Sentimentals and Heritage today.

So, I had to re-learn how to cut the old fashioned way. Not having a hide/contour just stinks!

All these were cut at 2 3/4. Some I cut 3x to be able to cut out the details I wanted to glue together (again, no gypsy or hide/contour)

My FIL's Bday is tomorrow and DD doesn't like the eyes on the golfer. So, I cut the shift(blackout) on the golfer with a manilla folder for the flesh color. Then, the normal cut in white and black. Then the shift/blackout again in grey (only for hair). I cut just the hair out and glued on top of flesh color. From the neck down the white is the arms and clothes. I cut the head off the white layer so the "flesh" would be the face and did a peachy keen stamp. I took a scrap of blue and glued behind the white for the collar on the shirt. I then took the "normal" black cut and cut off for some pants and glued to the white. Does all that make sense? LOL

Now we have to figure out what to do for the card. Thinking of taking some blue for sky, cutting out clouds and doing the green hilly grass and sun from Country Life.

The eagle was tricky. This was at 2 1/4 and I cut the blackout/shift in grey. Then the normal in cream, gold and brown. Again had to just layer the parts I wanted to. Cream glued to grey, yellow beak and eyeball. Glued the cream surrounding eye part down. Then, glued brown layer.

The flag was at 2 1/4. Blackout/shift was white. I cut the stripe/flag part out in red and blue. The start is cut out so it makes for great extra stars. Glued the red stripes onto the solid white and then took just the blue star and glued down.

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