February 24, 2011

Well,my G. is getting a makeover

I just called PC customer service yesterday about my frozen Gypsy. Got the emailed Fedex return label today and it is already on a fedex truck. "Hopefully" it really only takes the 2 weeks they say it will. :) I will miss it. So hard to go back to the old fashioned way of cutting out stuff. Never realized how lazy I was LOL

Hindsight is 20/20 and maybe I had a tuition thing going on because I have been using the G. a lot the last 2 weeks to cut out Easter and St Pats and Springy stuff. Glad I did because I have a small stockpile of cuts. Also glad I had a chance to back up on the computer all my gypsy files cause I put a lot of work in those.

I plan on posting a couple of St. Pats cards for tomorrow/weekend.


  1. Hope your G gets fixed and back to you fast. I love mine, but it also needs to go in the shop. I am having a hard time charging it. I usually have to wiggle it. LOL

  2. Stacy, did you look on the sidebar of my blog?? I just became a follower of your cute little blog and added your adorable link :)


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