June 8, 2011

I'm a little out of commision...Please learn from my mistake

Hello Crafters! So I'm ttyping this one handed to tell you all this so you learn from my boo-boo. Tuesday after lunch DD and I baked some cookies. I have this beautiful Polish Pottery bowl that is huge and my fav to mix in. I was washing it in the sink and it slipped and YEP...you guessed it! It broke and sliced the palm of my hand below the thumb. {You know...that really paddy part of your hand that bends when you need to use your thumb or make a pinching motion}
Which hand you ask...my right hand, my main crafting & writing hand. LOL I KNEW deep down I really needed to go have stitches but did I go?......NOPE! Why you ask? Because I'm thinking "I gotta drag 2 kids out in 95 degree heat, & sit in an urgent care for 2 hrs probably"(My PCP doesn't do stitches) After 30 min. got the bleeding to stop, so I thought-- why bother?

Well last night, I changed the bandages and it was bleeding again. Then, I really thought
"I made a bad choice and chose convenience etc. over ME!"

Of course I go in today and the DR. tells me that on palms of hands & feet the cut off time for stitches to be done is 6 hrs. AND, I would've needed 7 stitches. So, I'm just bandaged up and on antibiotics & hoping/praying no infection & it heals quickly.

I'm kicking myself for doing a stunt like this, not putting myself...the gasoline that runs this machine called "our family" FIRST!! Moral of my story: Don't put things off that you need to run yourself/your body efficiently & effectively. Don't put off health issues, Dr.'s visits or even a little TLC for yourself.

So, I have DD putting together some projects for me. I still need to get an Anniversary card done for DH since it's on June 14th.


  1. Oh ouch oooh ooh ow. That sounds painful! I totally know what you mean about putting things off for ourselves. I hope you heal soon.

  2. Ouch! Take care of your self now!


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