June 6, 2011

Center Step Card Tutorial

Have any of you checked out Splitcoast Stampers? They have some great info and "how-to's" on there. I've learned a lot about how to do various card folds. One they did last week is the
Center Fold Card, demonstrated byFrances Byrne.

I had to play with this a bit (I did it 3x) LOL because I couldn't get it to lay right/flat to be able to put into the envelope. Tricks I figured out are:
1) Your cuts and folds must be EXACT.
2) Make sure to really make the scores crisp and solid.

Here is my way of giving a tutorial....I REALLY need to figure out how to do vidoes, huh? (I know, I have atrocious handwriting...should've been a Dr.)LOL

1) Start with 5.5 x 11 piece of cardstock

2) Cut lengthwise from 1" (up and over) to 6.5 inches up (see paper that says FRONT)
*****Make sure cuts are exactly even*****

3) Turn paper over (back side) and cut from 1" to 6.5 (like you did in #1)

4) Score from edge of paper to the cut line at 1", again at 2" and at 6.5 inches

5) Turn paper around and score opposite side at 1", again at 2" and at 6.5 inches
******Make sure scores are exactly even*****

6) Score card in the middle square ONLY at 5.5 (which is the middle of the card...1/2 of 11" is 5.5")

7) Start folding card. the 1" square is your "mountain" fold (point is up), 2" will be valley fold (point is down) then, fold in the middle/center ONLY for a mountain fold. Last fold those 2 outer pieces that were 6.5 at a mountain fold.

8) You will probably need your bone folder again to rescore everything again when you lay it flat.

9) Decorate

Check Back tomorrow where I will show you how I decorate this card for a special project. Go see the terrific Madison at Funky Cards, (where she is heading up a special monthly card project (Feel the Love) for someone who needs some cheering up, support and love.

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