June 15, 2011

Birthday Explosion Box

Have you ever made an explosion box? They are really cool and there are lots of video tutorials on how to make and different versions. There is a lot of variety and creativity you can put into it too.They can be gift card holders, or a mini photo album or just a cool card. You can use as many or as little layers as you want.

Really quick, I wanted to post pics of a birthday explosion Box that I helped my dd make for a party we are getting ready to go to. She picked out all the papers and decided that since the friend liked dogs, we needed dogs inside and on top.
Outside(purple is bottom of box)



Inside of one of the layers. Each layer has a different dog


This is just 2 layers--the purple 12 x 12 sheet and then the orange with is 11 x 11. Green for the lid was 8x8

We chose to pick different papers to cut the squares to decorate the outside, the top of the lid and the inside. This will be a birthday card/gift card holder. Dogs are from various carts: Paper Pups, CAC, Nate's ABC's


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