August 1, 2011

Wow! Aug. 1st already... Please make Cards for Madison at Funky Cards

Happy Monday Crafty friends!

I've got some projects for challenges to create this week. I spent the weekend organizing aaaAAAlllllllll my paper LOL (do you feel like that?) Since I do double 12x12 layouts (1 for dd and 1 for son, then if I'm for the "family") I always get 6 pcs of whatever paper I want for the theme of the pics. Then, if I really like the paper I will get an extra sheet or 2 for cards.

Well, I have been lately digging into my stash for my layouts to do cards. So,I spent the weekend re-organizing the paper. I separated out all my printed paper scraps and the oddball one of a kind papers vs. the printed papers I had even numbers of for the scrapbooks.

I got one 2 of those big zipper 14 x 14 cases and organized my paper for cards (by Easter, V-Day, Christmas, Halloween..., then seasons, School, Winter, BDay, Flowers, Animals, etc. So now I know exactly where to go for the paper for cards and can keep better track of my scraps.

On a different note...

Please go check out Madison at Funky Cards. She has a special monthly project called "Feel the Love," where she fins someone who is going through a rough time and needs some love through cards, and their spirits lifted.

This month she found a special family where one of their children who is 7, has a brain tumor. Her name is Kate, and she also has a brother who is 6 and a sister who is 9. It would be awesome to make cards for all the family. I hope you will consider doing this for the family.
It is such a wonderful opportunity to share our talents/craft while lifting someone's spirits.

Have a great day everyone!

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