August 10, 2011

I have quite the "Imagination"

Hello Crafty Friends!

I know I haven't been around very much. I just needed to take a little creative break. Guess what knocked on my door today? It has quite the "imagination!" LOL

So far, I have plugged it in, put the ink cartridges in, put the Imagine More cart (that came with it) in to do the update, and used one of my carts to just play with some printing. My family will only allow me to have ONE of my new carts to use now before my birthday ( chose Enjoy the Season to play with).I have to wait till September for my bday present to get the other 4 carts: Better Together, Best Friends, Kate's and Yummy.

I haven't updated it through Cricut Sync yet....kinda afraid to. So far, it was easy to use. I really want to try to get to the technical stuff of printing off individual layers and be able to color those however I like and then to be able to use my regular carts with it.

Probably my only "Uh-Oh, why did I do this moment " is with the size of the machine. It is HUGE!! and if space is an option for you then...wait to purchase till you have a permanent spot for it. This is a machine that has to stay where you put it at because (1) you calibrate the print/cut based on where it has it's home. you move it, need to re-calibrate it. (2) it's heavy and just for that you don't want to move it. (3) It takes up a lot of space on the work space.

But....I am already really happy with it. Once I can get really creative with it and use to it, I know I will be in love with it. It is easy to navigate through the screens, and I figured things out before even opening the book. I had looked at lots of videos first to get familiar with what to do.

I can also say that if you get an imagine, the first cart I would try to get is enjoy the season. It is just so stinkin' cute and versatile with different images for seasons/holidays.


  1. oh awesome... glad im not the only one who has one but is new to it.. (i actually still have mine in the box.. i got it for mothers day but was in the middle of moving and am still unpacking so its still in the box lol). I don't even know where to begin I feel a tad overwhelmed by it.. Do you have any suggestions on videos/sites that you went to to learn how to use it/ get familiar with it? thanks so much. Cant wait to see what you make with it!

  2. Hi Donya, I followed you here from the "Link It" at:

    I am now your follower, please visit me too!


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