July 22, 2011

I won a M.A.G. Challenge

Hello Everyone!

So today was just kinda one of those days for me that I should've just stayed in bed...
I get ready to leave my house and the car is dead. Called AAA and they jump started me but said it was a bad cell in our 1 yr old battery. So I had to go to Sears to replace it. In the process of going, this freak of nature occurance happened and as I was stopped at a stop light behind another card, just at the precise moment when the light turns green, my body decides to have a sneezing attack and...YEP! You guessed it, my foot on the gas rear ended (not bad thankfully) the car in front. My SUV was ok, we are blessed to be physically OK, it put a dent in her 10 yr old Honda. Of course, she calls the police and I get a $150 ticket.

So, I got my battery replaced and then when and returned some crafty stuff and other stuff I "wanted" but didn't need, to make up for the money/ticket. So...I vow to NOT spend any money for crafty stuff till my bday in Sept unless it is solid color paper. LOL

And, my DH wants me to spend $50 on an 8 am to 3 pm defensive driving class "just in case" State Farm pulls a driving record. (plus we get a discount on our auto for the class)

If I was a major drinkin' girl, a HUGE margarita would be in front of me right now. LOL
Just a quick post that, I won my first M.A.G. Challenge today for this card

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  1. Ugh, it definitely sounds like 1) you should have stayed in bed, and 2) you should treat yourself to that margarita! Congrats on winning the challenge!!


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