July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth

Hello Crafty Friends! I hope all of you have or are having a wonderful time with family and chilling out. We spent yesterday watching fireworks at this local Church (Rhema) that does a HUGE fireworks show every year. It has been hot (103) in OK and we actually had a nice breeze last night that made it quite enjoyable.

Right now, I'm eating my favorite treat--bomb pops, I was kinda craving them since they have lime, rasberry and cherry and are just soooo yummy!! Reminds me of the last time I at one...it was in the summer of 2008 when I was craving them because I was pg. (And, since you might have been wondering my strange craving--I'm not pg LOL)

Our neighborhood (well a couple of neighbors) spend I'm sure an enormous amount of money to do fireworks in the street. We just got done watering our yard down....just in case since it's been dry here. Seriously, it's amazing how much money fireworks are and ya just cannot believe all the fireworks these neighbors shoot off. I'm thinking " that would by me an E2 or Imagine and quite a few carts" LOL

Back to crafting tomorrow.

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