September 7, 2010

All alone......random thoughts

So, if I never mentioned it, I have a 9 yr old dd in 3rd grade and my little man is 2 1/2. Today is his first day in our Church's preschool on Tues and Wed from 9:30 to 2:30. I AM ALL ALONE!!! :) :)

Until 6 months ago, I never realized how different boys & girls are. After going through fertility stuff for our dd, we never thought about the chances of having more children. I was totally into girly stuff. When our dd was 6 and around our 10th anniversary and me being almost 41 SURPRISE--I'm what? LOL. It was a pleasant and blessed surprise. Boys are wonderful and I love having a little man but never realized how active they are, keeping ya on your toes!! I really needed a little me time!

So why am I blogging instead of creating something? Well, I'm resting after going for a nice walk for an hour--it was 77 and can't beat that in Oklahoma. I finally came to some realizations yesterday. In 11 days, I will be 44 and I have young kids. I always do for others but I'm the only one who can take care of me. KWIM? Seems I'm running all the time--homeroom mom, PTA, I work part-time, housework, cook know the routine....I need to take care of myself and respect my body, not just for me, but for my kids. I know you've heard the analogy of if you are on a plane and the oxygen masks come down--take care of yourself first and put it on and then deal with your kids. Same thing. My kids can't make me eat healthy, they can't make me go for nice walks to relieve stress and keep me healthy. Only "I" can take care of "Me!" So, I have made a promise to myself to walk 2 days per week, use my eliptical that is just collecting dust (do you have one of those? LOL) and eat better. I want to find a yoga class too. Oh, and start back taking my vitamins again.

I also discovered I spend way too much money on craft stuff. I'm going to give myself $50 fun money each month to spend on crafting or my favorite makeup or fun splurge.

Ok, now I'm off to use my gypsy and work on something for Halloween I've been thinking about.


  1. Thanks for sharing your revelation! I also have two young kids, and it is so important for us mommies to take care of ourselves. It is great you are motivated. I would like to join you and promise myself to be active 2 days per week along with playing more with the kids and DH. Take care Mama!

  2. Good for you!

    I have 4 kids all under age 10 and now that they're all in school full-time, I too promised myself some "me" time. So beginning on Sept. 1, I started eating healthier, running on our treadmill and drinking lots of water. I'm feeling better already....although I'm exhausted at night!! :-) We need to take care of ourselves!! Be good to you! :-)


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